How to Make Your Home “Open House” Ready

One of the most effective and fastest strategies to sell a home in the real estate industry today is to conduct an open house. It provides the clients an opportunity to sample the house in detail before buying it. Although this strategy is desirable, it requires quite a bit of work that is if your house is not well in order. But how do you prepare your home for an open house? Well the answer is simple; ensure to put everything in order by planning and prioritizing. Here are some few pointers on how to do that.

Beautiful Decor Modern Home


It may seem as an early step but putting away personal items like family photos is crucial for an open house. This is because they act as distraction and they need to be put away before any open house. Furthermore, allowing potential buyers to envision themselves and their family living in your home, instead of just thinking of your family, can be a factor in how they perceive your home. After all, it won’t be your home for long, so you do want to start the detachment process early on so the transition for you and your family is slightly facilitated.

Mary Lu Tuthill, one of the leading experts for Brentwood real estate, says:

Depersonalizing a home for an open house is a no-brainer. You want the house to be as much of a blank canvas as it can be, so potential buyers can envision themselves living there.


Furthermore, it’s important to clean all closets and storage spaces. These are crucial areas that clients won’t miss to check. Be careful while cleaning these areas and make sure to leave what is only necessary, because clumped up closets and storage spaces will leave an impression that your house is too small. In doing so, you can decide to remove seasonal items and donate other items that you don’t use. So you can kill two birds with one stone! Beautify your home while ridding yourself of useless objects. This is also a smart move because it will leave you with less things to pack for your big move!

Fix What is Broken

Are there any broken windows, faucets or wiring that you have been ignoring for years? Yes, now is the time to fix them. These are simple things that although you may overlook, won’t be overlooked by a potential buyer. In the eyes of a potential client, if your home needs some fixing, that will override any positive feelings they initially had for your home. No matter how beautiful or big your home is, failure to fix such simple things will cost you a lot.


One of the most effective ways to make your home look beautiful and attractive is by painting it before your open house. Because of the different tastes of different clients, it’s of paramount importance that you choose a neutral colour like warm beige or ivory to paint your home. Try as much as possible to avoid bland colours like pale bright white, as it can look too clinical. More so, no matter how beautiful your bedroom is, make sure to paint it too. Just remember that not all buyers will feel the same way as you do about your bedroom. Finally, cheap cabinetry or outdated furniture can restore a gleaming look with a little paint. Ensure to polish them too before your open house.

Replace Old Floors

Just like any other part of the house, the floor plays an integral part, maybe the most important. Most sellers are always reluctant to change their old floors and instead opt to give the buyers a credit. This is a faulty move and should be avoided.  Before your open house, ensure to first clean your floor thoroughly. If the floor is too old, or stained, ensure to replace it. Unless your home is high end, you don’t necessarily have to go with top of the line options. A simple neutral colored carpet will make a large difference.

Update Lighting Fixtures

Lighting fixtures are considered to be one of the few things that can accurately date a home. They are also the jewellery of the house. It’s important to look for the latest inexpensive lighting fixtures to install in your house if you are in a tight budget. Otherwise, you can spray paint to revamp them. However, if your kitchen ceiling still has the older fixed in rectangular fixtures, it is important to update this to a more modern look. It may be slightly costly, but it will be worth it.

What tips did you try? What other useful tactics have worked for you in the past? Comment below!