How do Real Estate Agents become Successful?

It’s no secret that the life of a real estate agent is not a bed of roses all the time. It can be a financially rewarding career, but not every agent gets to become successful. Only a few make it to their 2nd or 3rd year on the job. It’s because they only get paid on a commission basis. If they can close a deal, they get paid. If they can’t, they’ll starve and find it difficult to support themselves. They must find a way to close a sale to get paid and do this consistently. So, how do real estate agents become successful?

They build their contingency or emergency fund right away

Those who get to the top get rid of the employee mindset immediately and think as business owners do. They build their contingency or emergency fund right away for they understand that the rainy days can happen at any moment. For every sale they close, a certain percentage of their income goes to their savings. It’s the secret why they can still go on even when times get rough. Sticking to your budget and living within or below your means requires self-discipline.

They know how to market their listings

Succesful real estate agents know how to market their listings in creative and stunning manners. You’ll notice that a majority of top agents hire video production companies to record high-resolution video tours of their client’s home. Chicago video production companies have noted an increasing trend of agents hiring their services. In the end, creating videos of their client’s houses allows agents to showcase more marketing materials when going to listing appointments.

They get a mentor to train them

Those who get a mentor to teach them appears to have more chances of getting successful than those who don’t. A mentor should be someone who has more experience than you and has a winning track record. Your mentor can be someone from the brokerage firm you work with, so you receive constant guidance or feedback. They can also be someone who offers their service for a fee. Paying someone to guide is a form of investment for your career.

They value the people in their personal and professional network

A real estate agent relies solely on their brand or reputation to get clients on a consistent basis. To get people to like and respect them, they must value the people in their personal and professional network. It is safe to assume that nobody wants to work with a jerk. Dealing with difficult and overly demanding clients is openly welcomed as a challenge because they get to test their people skills on another level.

They always welcome challenges as an opportunity to learn

Anyone who wants to become successful knows how to use the tools at their disposal effectively. If newer tools emerge that helps them become better real estate agents, they won’t hesitate to take the time to study them. They always welcome challenges as an opportunity to learn. Once they understand how to use them effectively, they keep themselves a step ahead of the other agents.